The world is becoming more and more reliant on computer technology. Everywhere you go, people are hooked on their mobile phones and you know that they’re using those gadgets not only to call or text someone. The advancement of digital technology has made it clear that you need to adapt or else, you’ll be left behind.

It’s one of the reasons a lot of computer programmers are advising parents to teach their children how to code. Here are some useful tips to convince them to take their first lesson.

Tell them how fun it’s going to be

Kids have short attention spans, so it may be difficult for your children to have the discipline to learn the step-by-step process of coding. But, if you tell them that by learning how to code, they will be able to do something creative, then that might motivate them to learn.

Try telling them about 3D printing and modelling software. Tell them that because someone was patient enough to come up with that kind of program, people can now build everything with the use of their computers.

Avoid being dogmatic

It will be much more fun for your children if they learn how to code without sticking to the rules too much. Yes, they need to learn the basic rules in coding and for every mistake they make, it might set them back a couple of minutes. But, it’s also important that they make those mistakes because it’s more fun for them if you let them explore this subject on their own.

They need to learn what the right thing to do is by exploring their wrong decisions. If you tell them to stick to the lessons without giving them space to explore, they will be bored with it right away.

Ask them what their end goal is

coding on a dual monitor

If you want your children to be really excited about learning how to code, you need to tap into what they really want to happen after they learn this skill. Ask them if they want to, say, build their own videogame. You can even take it further and ask them if they want to build their own robot, which will definitely be interesting for kids.

Let friends join in

Coding can be tedious and learning this skill solo can be lonely. It’s a lot like trying to write a book. So, change this situation and have your children be accompanied by friends.

If it’s too expensive for their friends to take coding lessons, look for a coding class where your kids can be with other kids of the same age. This way, he’ll be with friends while learning how to code, which will no longer be a boring setup for them.

Don't force it on them

Coding can be fun for some people, but for others, it can be as exciting as fly-fishing. Don’t force your children to live, but, this doesn’t mean you should close this chapter forever.

If your children don’t gravitate towards coding right away, let them be. Just let them know that they could always come back to learning how to code. And you can stimulate their interest in this matter again by showing them how fun it is to create programs and how useful they can be.

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