With the rising cost of electricity today, some people have opted to install solar panels on their roofs. With these panels, the long-term benefits are huge.

But how does solar power work? Read on to find out.

Unlimited Resource

The sun is a major provider of a limitless energy resource, with over 173,000 terawatts of solar energy striking our planet. To put that in layman’s term, that’s over 10,000 times the world’s total energy consumption.

The energy from the sun is collected through photovoltaic solar cells or solar thermal. A large amount of sunlight is required by both systems to work effectively. Several factors affect the efficacy of both systems, such as the location of the panels, time of day, and season. However, the value of solar energy collection systems is far beneficial overall.


Solar power does not pollute the environment. There are no greenhouse gases emitted during the entire process. This means the consumption and dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels are considerably reduced. While large power plants can and have affected wildlife due to their sizes, solar power technology have a very little environmental footprint.

Increased Savings

Coins and calculator on a deskBy hiring SunPower installers to set up a solar system in our homes, we can reduce our utility bills, which goes a long way towards increased savings for the kids’ education fund and other expenses. The excess power generated can then be sold back to the power grid. Furthermore, solar panels are durable, with an expected lifetime of over 30 years. Very little maintenance is required. Some families have even managed to live comfortably off-the-grid because the power generated by their system is enough to power the entire house.


Solar power can be used to provide hot water, as well as power various electrical appliances in the kitchen and living room. It can even be stored in solar power battery, which can then be used at night. Some hybrid cars can also be powered by solar energy.


Safety is another concern. Most people believe that having solar panels are unsafe, while in reality, solar power is safer than traditional electric current. Newer and more efficient solar power technologies are being developed every day, making solar energy collection a more viable option.

If you decided to have solar panels installed in your home, the next important thing to consider is which company to hire. Many companies out there claim to have the expertise, but when it’s down to the actual installation and the materials they’ve recommended, it’s a big fail. Solar panels are a big investment, so you need to make sure it’s worth it.

List down a few companies. It’s best to review each company’s credentials (how long they’ve been in business, certifications, options in materials and recommendations) and read reviews of their previous installations. Some companies also provide financing options, so be sure to ask. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, request for a quote. They’ll come to your house and advise you on other matters concerning the installation.

Consider if you’re looking at future roof renovation before you install your solar panel system. After all, with a 30-year lifespan, a sturdy roof is a necessity to enjoy free energy for the next three decades.

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