Thinking negative thoughts about your business could derail you from coming up with innovative ideas on how to expand it, which is why a lot of entrepreneurs try to stay positive even when faced with serious odds. But it’s also detrimental to your business if you don’t address the possibility that something bad could happen to your company. This will only prevent you from preparing for worst-case scenarios.

Here are two examples wherein one company didn’t have a business continuity plan that led to its demise, and another came up with one that led to their success. Hopefully, their experiences can help you determine if getting a business continuity management consulting expert will be necessary to your company.

A computer virus brings down a hospital

In November 2016, a computer virus infected the system of a network of hospitals in the UK, crippling them and rendering them unable to manage their patients and even preventing them from admitting women who were about to give birth. Three hospitals were unable to admit new patients. They were forced to send those individuals to other hospitals despite their conditions.

An investigation was conducted right away, and investigators found out that ransomware was the culprit in shutting down three hospitals. According to the hospitals’ spokespersons, a misconfigured firewall was behind the ransomware and the shutdown. But experts say that it was more plausible that someone inside those hospitals opened an email that was already infected.

Regardless of how those hospitals were affected, the main problem was that none of those facilities had a proper business continuity plan to help them keep operating even when they’re being pinned down by a cyber-attack. If they had a business continuity plan, like if their data was stored on a different server far from their facility, then they could have kept on admitting new patients.

But they probably thought that ransomware or cyber-attacks had no place in their facility. So they didn’t think that a business continuity plan was needed for such a scenario. That’s why they were shut down for five days. Those hospitals weren’t prepared for such a situation, which led to their demise. If you want your business to thrive, it would be wise not to fall under the same situation as those hospitals.

A fire burns several servers


Now, here is a company that survived and thrived in the midst of a tragic situation, all because they had a business continuity plan. In 2013, a lightning strike set fire to an IT company, Cantey Technology, whose sole business was to host servers for over 200 clients. A situation like this would spell death for an IT company, but that company’s clients didn’t even feel that there was a disruption to their computer systems.

The reason is Cantey Technology knew that anything could happen to their business and they prepared for any accident that could shut down their operations. So they came up with a business continuity plan wherein they have additional servers in a different location and in the event of an accident, they could immediately use their backup servers.

By coming up with a business continuity plan, Cantey Technology never missed a step even when lightning torched their company. It’s this kind of mindset that enabled this IT company to keep operations running even in the midst of a tragic accident. If you want your business to thrive, it would be wise to follow Cantey Tech’s path.

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