The furniture retailing business is one of the most lucrative businesses out there; in 2017, furniture and furnishings stores around the US have had an approximate total sales amounting to $113.78 Billion. Furniture stores can cater to everyone and in every income strata; from economic furniture to more deluxe and exclusive furnishings. And it’s not only homes that use furniture; almost every establishment, whether it’s a business, government, or non-profit organization, everyone needs furniture.

This is why there are about 38,647 furniture businesses and counting, and also why your furniture shop should be more competitive and proactive in promoting and marketing your store and products. As such, we’ll be taking a look at ways you can improve your store’s sales and thrive in this ever-growing market, more specifically, we’ll be exploring how a website can increase your sales and shop’s visibility:

Create and Maintain a Catalogued Furniture Shop Website

Other businesses create websites just to have some online presence, containing only the most basic of information such as a map, the address, pictures of the location and business, and contact information, all geared towards simply making it easier for customers searching online to find them. However, you’d want to go one step further by making a website that allows your customer to search for and see what you have in stock. So invest in having an easily navigated and aesthetically pleasing website, with a catalogue of your products — you don’t have to post all of them, you can feature select items from your store.

Provide Online Customer Service

Allow your customers to contact you not only over the phone but also online through your website. This is to better answer their queries and to check if you have certain furniture that they’re trying to find but aren’t included in the featured catalogue.

Allow Online Shopping

online shopping

This is why you’d want to have a good website that not only shows where you are and what you offer but also a catalogue of your featured or select items. Yes, it could be tiring and time-consuming to individually take a picture, describe, catalogue, and post every furniture you have for sale, but it can go a long way. Not only would online shopping allow your customers to easily pick and buy furniture at the comforts of their home, but you’d be able to widen your market. If you’re not convinced, around 12% of total sales of furniture are through online e-commerce furniture sales in 2017 and the trend is only going upwards.

Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your website in order to make it rank higher whenever customers search for products that you offer (in this case, furniture). Investing in an amazing and painstakingly-catalogued furniture business website would go to waste if no one can see it. So try to incorporate SEO practices to make your website visible. Or better yet, partner with a local SEO consultant for your furniture shop in Denver.


With more and more furniture businesses spouting up, and with online e-commerce furniture selling becoming more popular, it’s important that you take extra steps towards improving your store’s marketing activities through your website. So, if you’re ready to take the next big step for your store, make sure that you partner with or hire reliable and well-reviewed website builders and local SEO consultants for your Denver furniture shop.

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