ppc adsThere’s a bit of learning curve when you’re trying something new. This is true even for PPC marketing, so don’t take it as a sign of defeat when your first batch of ads turn out ineffective. You’re still learning, and it’s an ever-changing landscape. You are allowed to make some mistakes, provided that you are willing to learn from them.

If you’ve ever had these failed PPC ads, know how to turn them around:

Not Targetting Your Brand Name as Keywords

Any company new to PPC marketing may think they don’t have to spend money to target keywords that are already in their brand name. While this may not be necessary when your brand name is a common high-volume search phrase that will be expensive to target, you will regret not putting any effort when you see your competitors taking advantage. Your brand name is fair game and yes, competitors do this to direct traffic to their own websites.

They’re not masquerading as you, but they might use your brand name in a clever way and you’d wish you had done it first.

The answer to this is easy, of course. Start targeting your brand name to make it easier for those who already know your brand but not your website to find you online. Append your brand name to other keywords for more variation in each keyword group.

Creating Titles Too Long


PPC ads have a dedicated space for them in the search engine results page. For each ad space, there are imposed restrictions in the form of character limits. It wouldn’t be fair if you can just write anything you want and occupy more space than other ads. Do that and you’ll learn that Google truncates ads that go beyond the character limit. Users won’t see your full ad, with ellipsis replacing those that have exceeded the maximum characters allowed. That means your ad might not make sense to users, and they might even look misleading.

You’re paying for a spot for your ads, but when you create titles that are too long, you’re not maximizing the use of that ad space. The solution is pretty simple: comply with the limits set by the search engine so that you will not face any truncation problems and users will see your ads as intended.

Not Testing the Performance of Variations

Ads are not immutable. You can change any part of them anytime, and doing so will not have a negative impact on their performance–well, usually. You may be aiming to correct your mistakes, but don’t commit another mistake in the process. A/B tests are conducted on ads to determine how a new title, headline, or body text can change their performance. However, you will not get accurate results if you decided to jump the gun and change everything completely.

The better way is to change one part at a time and track how the change improved ad performance. Your original title may be better than your new title, and if you went ahead with the change without testing, that means you made your ad less effective.

When you are new to PPC ads, you may feel restless about their performance. Be patient and give them a chance to show their performance before you tell your PPC marketing team to take them down.

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