Food booths are becoming more and more popular than the typical restaurant setup nowadays mostly because they’re so easy to establish. You don’t need to put out as much money, and you don’t have to get that big a space. These characteristics make food booths an attractive choice for those who want to get into the food business but have a low budget. However, what if you want to expand your business’ reach? What will you do then? Try out these great alternatives to putting up a new branch:

Online-Based Store

With the Internet as widely used as it is now, many potential customers expect different kinds of businesses to make their products and services purchasable online. These items can be anything from food to industrial parts. Given this situation, you can consider putting up a website with a digital storefront so that people can order from you without having to line up at your booth. It takes a certain degree of technical knowledge to properly set it up, so you should consult web design experts in Chelsfield to help you out. It also helps to partner up with a reliable delivery service to get your items to them on time.

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Phone-in Orders

Sometimes people will see your store but be unable to order physically at the time because of circumstances. Also, not everyone will have access to the Internet. Considering these possibilities, another simple expansion that you can do is to set up a phone line that your customers can use to call you to place orders and make inquiries. If you can’t do that, then you can dedicate a mobile number for them to contact instead. Similar to the online store option, it’s best that you pair up with a delivery service that you can trust. You’ll be able to give your customers what they want on time, and you won’t have to worry about dedicated staffing for the task.

Social Media

Apart from creating your own online store, you can also tap into social media to increase your food establishment’s reach. Almost everybody who has access to the Internet is also into social media. Hence, almost every business has dedicated accounts on various sites to help promote their products and services. It’s practically free. All you have to do on your end is to get your page noticed, which you can do so through uploading videos and photos that highlight your offerings. Make sure that you also provide links to your website for interested customers who want to check out your business in detail or make purchases.

Any method that you use to increase your customer reach and range of services doesn’t come without some form of risk. In the case of the alternatives mentioned above, it’s failing to attract the number of clients that you’re aiming for. To minimise this risk, ask for assistance from marketing professionals, both in the digital and physical field. As long as you stick to a plan that fits your business strategy, even a food booth can become big.

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