In 2012, Tesla unveiled its plan to build a network of charging stations. It would address a key question: how do you convince customers they can drive a Tesla across the country? Today, Tesla has more than 40,000 Superchargers around the world.
Speaking of which… In 2010, Tesla became the first car company to public in the U.S. since Ford’s IPO in 1956. “The smartest money in the world is betting on Tesla.  They must have a reason for doing so,” Musk said. The stock has since risen 8,300%.
Tesla got started 20 years ago. At the time, it was unclear if the company would ever sell one vehicle. Last year, it sold more than 1 million. And this year, Tesla’s revenue may top $100 billion. Here are 8 influential moments from the past two decades… 👇🧵
In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla reported its first profit. It came after a $90 million loss in the previous quarter and helped silence some of the skeptics. Tesla’s stock rallied over the next year, boosting the company’s market value by more than $25 billion.
Another big moment was in 2009. Daimler acquired nearly 10% of Tesla for roughly $50 million. (It has since sold its stake) It was a vote of confidence, ahead of the Model S launch. “We were saved by Daimler,” Musk has said. It also helped pave the path to Tesla’s IPO.
Let’s start in late 2008, five years after the company got started. Elon Musk nearly went broke saving the business. The economy was collapsing and Musk nearly had to pick between saving Tesla or SpaceX. A last minute funding round for Tesla helped Musk forge ahead.
There are lots of big moments in the history of Tesla. These are just a few! More here:
And in 2017…the Model 3 ramp up. A mass market vehicle was key to Musk’s 2006 master plan. But it meant “production hell,” with Musk sleeping on the factory floor. The Model 3 is now the world’s best selling EV and Tesla’s market value has risen by $350 billion since launch.
2011 was a big year for rolling out Tesla stores. The first opened in 2008, thanks to a heavy sell job by Musk. Now, they were at high end shopping centers. Unlike dealerships, there was no haggling with salespeople. These were educational showrooms to help build the brand.
That same year, Tesla moved into its first factory… …a plant previously run by GM and Toyota that had closed down. It is now called the most productive auto plant in America. And it set the stage for Tesla’s big manufacturing plan.