In the last decade, mobile applications have been developed to make every aspect of a consumer’s life very easy. Teams of professional developers showcase their talents and skill by offering phenomenal every-day usage apps as well as games for entertainment. Mobile application development service companies earned a staggering 150 billion in USD, and this number is expected to double by 2021.

Consider this fact – most users spend just a little over 2 hours on average on their phones to use their apps to carry out various tasks. Just these two facts are a testament that the AppDev industry is booming and demand is expected to be much higher.

What is fueling the growth of this industry?

  • Quick and efficient communication: With the availability of faster processing and many more social media apps, people can connect and communicate more effectively. For example, Facebook is one of the most popular apps on both the iOS and Android platforms. Other social networking sites are also using ads to get more business and advertising revenue.  Many small businesses are using WhatsApp to promote their businesses.
  • Rising demand for good developers: Increased demand for innovative apps for the two most used platforms has led to a higher need for skilled apps developers. App companies are always looking for creative people who can add to a company’s reputation. The demand for developers is expected to rise by 8% just in the US, by 2024.
  • eCommerce model expansion: A critical reason for eCommerce platforms gain traction in the market is due to the availability of simple and powerful apps. And user numbers are rising significantly by the day. Sites like Amazon have profited immensely thanks to Apps. There is no doubt that apps will generate higher revenues and lead to a surge in demand for better apps.
  • Apps and Start-ups: Even small start-ups are cashing in on the App phenomenon. The success rate of new entrepreneurs is pretty good, and they can carve a niche in a highly competitive market.
  • Addition of new features: Due to the availability of faster smartphones, companies are developing and introducing new apps at a much quicker rate. As people are adapting smartly to available technology, operating platforms are also offering better speeds. Expect to see more devices being introduced to the market and a rise in the need for good developers.
  • Pocketbook friendly apps: Expect to see companies offer app development at cheaper rates making it accessible to more businesses, not just the big ones. Development companies are offering customised apps which meet the individual needs of an enterprise. In fact getting apps developed has become cheaper than designing a website.

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Other trends that are having a significant impact are cloud technology. There will not be a need to download apps to a device as they will run in the cloud and lead to lower costs for both the company and the consumer. IoT is also expected to have an impact on personalised user experiences across the board. M-Commerce is expected also to change the way people pay for their purchases. Application security and new-generation games are all going to change UX in general, over the next five years.