Building A website vs DesigningWhether to pay a website designer to develop a website for you or to build it yourself via a website builder is definitely the mega dollar question in every business owner’s mind even with the cheap services offered by countless local search engine marketing and web design services firms.

So, let’s end the debate here today.

Why choose a web designer?

First and foremost, a professional web designer will transform your idea into reality. The mental picture you have of your website is what you will get with a designer. So, the end result is exactly what you wanted and not what you have to just pick from several other options.

A web designer will create for you a website tailored specifically for your business. It will reflect what your brand is all about and what you offer. It will not just be a website to inform but a website that speaks to your client about your business. This is because a designer has a full understanding of your business and your target clients.

A professionally done website has a life. Besides being able to customise it, you can continually make adjustments and ‘grow it’ just as your business grows.

A professionally done site is compatible with the latest mobile technologies. It is built in such a way that it is adaptable to new trends as well as devices. You can use a tablet, phone, PC or any other device without any difficulties. This is a feature that only a web designer can add to your website.

A web designer is able to create a unique website for you which will rank highly in search engines. They consider SEO when building a website because after all a website is meant to give you visibility online.

Lastly, having a professional do your website means that you have someone to call to fix any issues, downtime or make adjustments.

Building Vs Designing

Why choose a website builder?

A website builder is extremely cheap. Building a website using a website builder such as Wix, WordPress or others costs about $10 whereas hiring a website designer can cost up to thousands of dollars. And this is depending on the complexity of the website design you want.

If you are a start-up business that does not have a lot of revenue to spare aside for a web designer, then a web builder is a good option.

It takes as quick as 5 minutes to create a website with a web builder. This is because the themes and coding are already done so all you do is choose and just add your company info and before you know it, your website is up and running.

The only cost you will then incur is for hosting and domain but even that you can just use the builder’s hosting which is free or much subsidised. If you need a simple website with just basics like a few pages of information and contacts, then a website builder may be ideal.

The benefits of hiring a web designer far outweigh the benefits of a website builder. That is if cost is not a determinant. For a business, it is cheaper in the long term to hire a designer.