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Influential Moments of Elon Musk by @JonErlichman

Tesla got started 20 years ago. At the time, it was unclear if the company would ever sell one vehicle. Last year, it sold more than 1 million. And this year, Tesla’s revenue may top $100 billion. Here are 8 influential moments from the past two decades… 👇🧵

Uploaded at: "2023-01-25"

12 Beautiful Color Palettes For Graphic Design by @alexzecheru

12 Beautiful Color Palettes For Graphic Designers 🧵

Uploaded at: "2023-01-25"

Overcoming Procrastination by @iheartsvc

tips on how to overcome procrastination — 🧵 #studytwt #studytwtph;

Uploaded at: "2023-01-25"

ML Improvement Model Tips by @paulabartabajo_

4 tips to improve your Machine Learning model 🧵 ↓↓↓

Uploaded at: "2023-01-29"

8 Tips to Keep A Startup Lean by @picacardanycard

Hey Founders 👋 Here are 8 tips that you can follow to keep your Startup / Business LEAN 👀 🧵 1/10

Uploaded at: "2023-01-29"

UI/Uxx Tips by @theuichamp

Beginners guide for UX/UI Designers 🤩 Tips to use spacing like a pro in UI Designs 🧵 Thread

Uploaded at: "2023-02-03"